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Head of International Relations Department:
Alshuk Natalya Alexandrovna

400131, Россия, г. Волгоград, площадь Павших Борцов, д. 1, каб.
Phone number, E-mail: 
+7 (8442) 38-53-55, foreign@volgmed.ru
Working hours of the department: 
Monday - Friday            08.30: 17.00
lunch break                   12.30: 13.00
Days off                         Saturday & Sunday

Intra-university system of internationalization of education and science

The results of monitoring the prospects for international activities of specialized departments of the Volg State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia
Regulations on the department of international relations

The structure of international relations:

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International accreditation certificates

The department of international relations submits applications for participation in international academic mobility programs and international grants:

All-Russian open competition for the appointment of scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation for students studying abroad

Membership in international associations:

Agreement on cooperation between the "National Union of Students of Medicine" and FSBEI HE VolgGMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia

Active cooperation with partner universities of the VolgGMU
(Networking programs, summer schools, internships, conferences):

Networking programs:
Grodno State Medical University (Republic of Belarus) Agreement with annex
Tashkent State Dental Institute and Samarkand State Medical Institute (Republic of Uzbekistan) Agreement

 Additional agreement to the network cooperation agreement with the Tashkent State Dental Institute and the Samarkand State Medical Institute (Republic of Uzbekistan)