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Владимир Вячеславович Шкарин, ректор ВолгГМУFounded in 1935, Volgograd State Medical University is among the 10 best medical universities in Russia with a long tradition of training doctors.

In 2020 the University is celebrating its 85th Anniversary. Our Professors are well-known not only in Russia, but in the whole world due to their significant contribution to the development of practical and functional medicine.

Since 1962 international students have studied at our University. Today more than 4500 specialists with VSMU degrees work in 127 countries of the world.

Among our famous alumnis are: Dr. Jiri Mashtalka, Member of the European Parliament; Prof. Tolno Sandy Kola, Chief Cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of Guinea, Representative of Guinea to the WHO; Dr. Najirul Amin, Member of the Tamil Nadu State Parliament in India; and Dr. Calvin, Member of the Sarawak State Parliament in Malaysia. Full text...

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Foreign students of the 1st year of medical and dental faculty from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Costa Rica, Syria and Ecuador were happy to plunge into the history of Tsaritsyn, the city where they will study for the next 5 years.

Observing strict restrictions, taking gloves and masks, students for the first time crossed the threshold of the Volgograd regional Museum of local lore. The guide took the students to the chambers of the Tsaritsyn merchant, where they began to get acquainted with life of his family.  Read more...


Foreign students of VolSMU took part in the Second International Congress of volunteers of educational tourism, culture and media "Living heritage of the small Motherland" and the literary festival #LearnRussia, organized with the support of the presidential grants Fund and members of The public chamber of the Russian Federation. The Congress and Festival are dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of A.P.Chekhov and the 115th anniversary of the birth of M.A.Sholokhov, as well as to the works of other outstanding writers who have made non-capital regions of Russia famous all over the world.  Read more...

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Международный день дружбы ООН

On 30 July, citizens of all countries celebrate the International Day of Friendship, which was officially established in April 2011 by the United Nations. On this day, it is important to engage in educational activities among students, the younger generation, which will in the future support and strengthen the basic ideas and principles of friendship of peoples, such as mutual understanding, tolerance, solidarity and respect for human rights.

The UN General Assembly noted that friendship allows building trusting international relations between people who preserve cultural diversity. The International Day of Friendship was proposed on the initiative of UNESCO, which defined the culture of peace as a set of values, attitudes and behaviours that reject violence and aim at preventing conflicts by addressing their root causes with a view to solving problems. The friendship that inspires the continuation of efforts to achieve peace. The UN proposes to observe the International Day of Friendship in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the culture and other appropriate circumstances or customs of their local, national and regional communities.

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