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More than 170 students from India, Palestine, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Vietnam tested their knowledge of the Russian language and became participants of the international action.

The annual educational campaign "Total Dictation", which has been in existence since March 2004, attracts more and more people who want to take part in it every year. Since 2016, the project has expanded, and a new direction has appeared in it – the "TruD" test, created for those who study Russian as a foreign language. The main goal of the organizers is " ... to show that being literate is important for every person. Convince them that learning Russian is not easy, but it is exciting and useful. Unite all those who can or want to write and speak Russian."  Read more...

Студенты ВолгГМУ впервые выступили докладчиками в заседании Journal Club колледжа медицины и медицинских наук университета Объединенных Арабских Эмиратов

In March 2021, the next online meeting of the Youth Gynecological Student Club (The 2 Journal Club) of the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences of the University of the United Arab Emirates was held on the topic: «The impact of menstrual disorders on women's life expectancy» under the direction of Professor Moamar-El-Jefout.

For the first time in the meeting of the club, the speakers were students of the 5th and 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine of the Volgograd State Medical University: Chowgule Sharvin Pritham and Amulya Rana.

Totally 190 people from 5 countries took part in the conference. The conference was held in English.

Preparation for this event took 1,5 months, during which students and their supervisors repeatedly met in an online conference to discuss the article and create a presentation.  Read more...

Виджаякумар Шерльи Асватхи

The names of the winners of the all-Russian competition"World without borders" became known. The competition itself was held in October at the Orenburg State Medical University. The jury was presented video stories in Russian language about the national cuisine, national clothing and beauty of the native land.

The contestants' works were evaluated according to the following criteria: completeness of the topic disclosure, originality of the material presentation, speech literacy (compliance with the norms of the Russian language) and quality of performance. Read more...

Волгоградцы увидят свой город глазами иностранцев

Volgograd State Medical University will release souvenirs dedicated to the Hero-city Volgograd and its attractions and iconic places. The originality of the creative project will betray the fact that the photos that will be used to create calendars, postcards and other printed products will be made by foreign students. For this purpose, the University announced the photo contest "Volgograd through the eyes of foreigners".

"We can see our favorite city from a completely unexpected side. After all, every day walking along the streets and avenues of Volgograd, local residents usually do not notice its unique identity. In any case, the project will allow us to look at our city in a new way," said Natalia Alshuk, Vice-rector for work with foreign students and international relations of the Volgograd State Medical University.  Read more...

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Foreign students of the 1st year of medical and dental faculty from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Costa Rica, Syria and Ecuador were happy to plunge into the history of Tsaritsyn, the city where they will study for the next 5 years.

Observing strict restrictions, taking gloves and masks, students for the first time crossed the threshold of the Volgograd regional Museum of local lore. The guide took the students to the chambers of the Tsaritsyn merchant, where they began to get acquainted with life of his family.  Read more...

Международный день дружбы ООН

On 30 July, citizens of all countries celebrate the International Day of Friendship, which was officially established in April 2011 by the United Nations. On this day, it is important to engage in educational activities among students, the younger generation, which will in the future support and strengthen the basic ideas and principles of friendship of peoples, such as mutual understanding, tolerance, solidarity and respect for human rights.

The UN General Assembly noted that friendship allows building trusting international relations between people who preserve cultural diversity. The International Day of Friendship was proposed on the initiative of UNESCO, which defined the culture of peace as a set of values, attitudes and behaviours that reject violence and aim at preventing conflicts by addressing their root causes with a view to solving problems. The friendship that inspires the continuation of efforts to achieve peace. The UN proposes to observe the International Day of Friendship in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the culture and other appropriate circumstances or customs of their local, national and regional communities.

Летняя on-line школа 2020

"Summer School 2020" (Summer online school) is an educational project that will be held at Volgograd State Medical University for the first time.

From July 15, 2020 to August 28, 2020 international and Russian students will be able to attend lectures by leading Russian and foreign experts, take part in seminars, master classes and consultations by Volgograd State Medical University Professors, the best graduates and senior students for free. The Summer Online School program also includes contests, quizzes and many other interesting forms of interactive education.

The project will be held on the "Zoom" platform. Links for connection are in the class schedule. Please note that the list of events will be supplemented, as well as changes are possible in response to student requests.

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During the quarantine there was an interesting flash mob on the Internet, which was also supported by major world museums - the Louvre and the Hermitage. The participants, being at home self-isolated, decided to try themselves in a new form of creativity: they created photos, copies of famous paintings, choosing for this any work of Russian or foreign fine art.

During the flash mob thousands of people who are fond of art took part in it. International students of Volgograd State Medical University were also actively involved in this fascinating experience! Read more...

On May 28, 2020, Volgograd State Medical University took a part in the 7th STEP summit entitled “Scientific and Technological Collaboration Facing Coronavirus Challenges” along with international public and scientific organizations, including the World Health Organizationby invitation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, organized by Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation, Agency for Science, Technology & Research in Singapore.  

The 7th STEP summit entitled “Scientific and Technological Collaboration Facing Coronavirus Challenges” aims to exchange and share the experiences of medical staff, the achievements and discoveries of scientists, technological innovations as well as strategies in helping to solve the global challenge of the Coronavirus on the one hand and to create a platform for cooperation in synergy and acceleration of the crisis resolution on the other hand. Read more...

Владимир Вячеславович Шкарин, ректор ВолгГМУ, депутат Волгоградской областной думы

This year we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory under special unfortunate circumstances! But that shouldn't overshadow our celebration. In spite of the fact that the traditional visit to the Mamayev Kurgan and other memorable historical places cannot take place this year, no one will cancel our memory and the opportunity to congratulate our relatives and friends, because we have modern technologies at our disposal. To honour the memory of the participants of the Great Patriotic War, this time we will be in the family circle. The events planned for May 9 in the city we will be able to see on TV. And visiting graves and monuments, laying flowers and wreaths will be possible only after the removal of restrictive measures. The year 2020 has been declared the Year of Memory and Glory in our country, so we will pay tribute to our ancestors when it becomes possible.

Our University was preparing to celebrate the Great Victory Day. This remarkable date is dedicated to a number of events prepared by different VolgSMU departments, many of them will continue after May 9. We are paying our homage to the memory as much as we can in the current circumstances. We are involved in social networks in promotions and flash mobs, which are now a lot. Some of the events are organized by our student activists, some by the Department of History and Cultural Studies, by the VolgSMU Museum of History and the university library. Students recall their family historical wartime chronicles, write essays about their grandparents, grandmothers and great grandmothers who fought and brought victory to the rear. These digitized memories are posted on our website, as well as in the university groups in social networks, and on the personal pages of the participants of the events, and some of them will be published in the university newspaper "Za meditsinskiye kadry". Read more...

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