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Foreign students of VolSMU participated in the International scientific-educational and cultural-educational campaign "Pushkin autumn", held at the initiative of Moscow state University, MAPRYAL and the Society of Russian literature.

There are dates that are significant for Russian culture. October 19, the day of the Pushkin Lyceum, undoubtedly belongs to them. On the initiative of Moscow state University, MAPRYAL and the Society of Russian literature, the International scientific-educational and cultural- educational event "Pushkin autumn" was held on this day. The program of events was open to everyone on the Zoom platform. The event was attended by the Joint Russian-Chinese University MSU-PPI in Moscow, Shenzhen, Beijing pedagogical University, Shengxi pedagogical University, XI'an University of foreign languages, branches of Lomonosov Moscow state University in Sevastopol, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia. During the campaign, participants discussed theoretical issues of the language and poetics of Pushkin's works, as well as the practice of teaching Russian to foreign audiences. As part of this campaign, a scientific and practical conference was held, which was attended by about 500 people from 25 countries. Foreign students and students of our University showed themselves in the music and poetry competition. And here are the long-awaited results. Kshirsagar Pranaya Suhas, a 4th-year student from India, received the diploma of the third degree Laureate. Having read Pushkin's poem "Flower" perfectly, she left her mark on the history of Moscow state University. A certificate of participation was awarded and a student from Tajikistan Mamadjonova Nagarajan. A 2nd year student presented her favorite poem "I love you"to the jury. The girls uploaded their contest entries to YouTube and Instagram in advance and were looking forward to the results. Samuel Bokare, a 4th-year student of the faculty of pharmacy, also showed interest in the photo Contest "Monuments to Pushkin and The heroes of his works". Once having found himself in a historically significant place, he could not pass by the monuments to the great Russian poet with indifference. His works were also awarded a certificate of participation in the "Pushkin autumn".

We thank students for their interest in Russian literature, the great national poet and writer Alexander Pushkin and wish them only victory in new literary competitions.

A. N. Statsenko, senior lecturer
of the Russian language Department

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