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Dear friends, welcome to VolgSMU!

Volgograd State Medical University, founded in 1935, is one of the oldest specialized medical schools in Russia.

The mission of our university since its inception has remained unchanged - to train highly qualified professionals at the international level for the health care system.

Our university is widely known both in Russia and abroad. It is here that students receive a prestigious higher education from the classical Russian school of medicine, which is in demand in many countries of the world.

Since 1962, our university has been teaching foreign students in various fields of medicine. Today, more than 4500 specialists with a diploma from VolgSMU work in 127 countries of the world.

Volgograd Medical University is also known for scientific schools, developments, and inventions of scientists.

The first world fame to the university was brought by a surgeon, transplantologist, and man-legend Anatoly Georgievich Konevsky. He came up with a fundamentally new neurophysiological approach to the problem of organ transplantation. Konevsky created innovative, breakthrough developments in their time: a device for tracking the functional state of the heart of pilots in flight and under stress, as well as highly protected equipment for transmitting and receiving ECG via conventional telephone communication channels over long distances. The Koval telemetry system, which became the first step towards telemedicine, is also his invention.

The pharmacological scientific school of VolgSMU is also known all over the world. University employees have made a significant contribution to the creation of a number of well-known domestic medicines, many of which are already used in medicine. These are drugs for the treatment of cardiac diseases that increase the endurance of the body, analgesics, antidiabetic, nootropic (improving memory), and antiplatelet agents (reducing the formation of blood clots).

In recent years, volgSMU scientists have been creating exoskeletons. Among such developments: the first in Russia's system of the passive exoskeleton of the upper extremities "EXAR", as well as the exosclelet of the lower jaw awarded with a diploma "100 best inventions of Russia". The unique equipment facilitates the work of people exposed to static load, opening up a new direction for the prevention of occupational diseases: the endo surgeon's exoskeleton and the neurosurgeon's exoskeleton. A multifunctional personal protection system "Venets-34" has been developed (designed for effective filtration of polluted air) and involves use both in a professional environment and in everyday life.

This is only part of the main achievements that our university is proud of. If you also want to work for the benefit of people's health and link your fate with medicine, and modern research or undergo training in a wide range of curricula of the university and college of VolgSMU, then we invite you to get an education from us and continue the traditions of our university.

We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. See you in Volgograd!

V.V. Shkarin, Rector of VolgSMU

International activities



We have 3 modern dormitories:

18a Kim Street, Volgograd

8 Hiroshima Street, Volgograd

45a Kozlovskaya Street, Volgograd

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The hostel provides excellent living conditions

The block system of rooms on 9 floors allows for ergonomic spaces for a maximum of 2-3 people and technically efficient kitchen, shower, WC facilities

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Besides the 16 units for living in the hostel, the necessary locations are also provided: 

4 new classrooms, 

a co-working space with Wi-Fi and food court areas,

 a gym and fitness room, 

a medical aid office.

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For questions about hostels, please contact the Dean`s Office by telephone:

Deputy Dean Sergey Fedorov +7 (8442) 38-53-24, 38-30-18

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