Отдел виз и регистраций

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Head of the Department of Visas and Registrations:
Bolimchuk Andrey Leonidovich
Ploshchad' Pavshikh Bortsov, 1
Volgograd, Volgogradskaya oblast', 400131
   Phone number: +7 (8442) 38-04-94

E-mail: ovirvolgmed@mail.ru 

Regulations on the department of visas and registrations

State program of the Volgograd region "Providing assistance to the voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad"

Inspectors of the Department of Visas and Registrations:

Bolimchuk Andrey Leonidovich


Sorokina Elena Edmontovna


Kuzmina Natalya Sergeevna


Мельшина Алина Андреевна                       

Main activities:

- organization and implementation of the registration of foreign students in the departments and departments of the Federal Migration Service in a timely manner;

- control of the work of passport officers of hostels in terms of the legality of residence of foreign students;

- control of the correctness and legality of paperwork for foreign citizens to obtain visas for entry into the Russian Federation and departure home;

- submission of reports on the composition of the contingent of foreign citizens studying on a contract basis and according to quotas of the Government of the Russian Federation;

- maintaining an electronic card file to record foreign students, the validity of their national passports, as well as the terms of registration at the place of residence;

- control of the timely departure of foreign students expelled from VolgGMU, as well as those who evade leaving for their homeland.