Student's office (EIOS)

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1. Migration and registration rules

Once you come to Russia, what should you do first?
1. You have only 3 days to do PCR–test. You must give Its result to dean's office.
2. you have only 7 days to do the registration paper for the place where you live wether in a flat or the dorm.
3. You must do NEW registration within THREE days if:

-you crossed the border;
- you changed place of residency;
- you stayed in hospital;
- you went to another city;
- you decided to live in hostel or hotel.
4. If you have got questions about registration and visa, you Need to go to VISA and REGISTRATION Department, Room numebr 1-05.


You come to Russia with study visa. Its VERY IMPORTANT , to look after the date of visa`s ending. Before 35-40 days you need to carry all the documents and bring it to VISA and REGISTRATION Department, Room number 1-05.
All the necessary documents for visa prolongation:
  • Student contract (copy)
  • Receipt for payment for visa prolongation (1600₽)
  • Photo 3*4 (1 pc)
  • Copies of all visas in the passport + 1st page of the passport (2 pcs)
  • Copy of registration (2 pcs)
  • Originals: passport, registration, migration card
If you have changed your phone number, don’t forget to inform Passport and Visa Service (room 1-05). It is very important for us to always be in touch with you.


1. If you need treatment or doctor`s consultation, you must have Medical insurance. If you don’t have it – ALL MEDICAL PROCEDURES WILL BE PAYFULL. You can buy it in the hall of university or in insurance company. Before buying read attentively the list of procedures, which you can do for free according to medical insurance.

" Remember, that medical insurance activates only after 2 WEEKS from the day of purchase. "

2. If you need to have emergency medical help, call 103.


  • After arriving to Russia, you have 60-70 days to do medical check-up and get medical results.
  • You also need to prepare documents to do medical check-up.
  • It must be done early, it can be done in Клиника семейной медицины,at Kim 20.
  • Before 30 days the end of the current medical examination, you need to pass a new one.